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Started by Lipripper, July 04, 2018, 02:36:19 PM

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From now until 31 July 2018, purchase an annual Charter Membership and you will get 15 months instead of 12.

To become a charter member simply visit your profile. In the "Actions" tab, find and click on Paid Subscriptions. The next page will allow you to purchase an annual membership for $20.

For less than most magazine subscriptions, you get bass catching information that is proven by your neighbors, other weekend anglers, anglers with your same skill set, equipment, and desire. You're not fed a bunch of crap from sponsored ads and anglers pushing products because they have too. Your support will help ensure Ultimate Bass remains a safe place to talk bass fishing with anglers just like you for years to come.

And if that wasn't good enough, let's talk about what you get for your membership dues?

A big deal is the unlimited personal message box, no more mandatory purging  ~shade Another big one is the ability to talk about sponsors or a great deal you found without breaking the rules in the Charter Member boards 8) but here is a list of a few other things:

Priority in the complaint, advice, or help departments
Access to Charter Member only boards
Access to Charter Member only Giveaways
Access to the Traveling Tackle Box
Unlimited Personal Messages
Live Linking
Entry into Charter Member Product Reviews
Double entries in all contests
Topo Map Study Groups
Charter Member only Classifieds
Joke Section
Share your sponsor's deals (no site sponsor restrictions)
Share a good deal you've found (no site sponsor restrictions)
Veterans and Social Security Disability Discussion Boards

The $20 Charter Membership dues are a huge help in keeping Ultimate Bass up and running on the web. Updates, security, software patches, all the things that make Ultimate Bass a safe place to talk bass fishing and share stories are paid for through charter membership.

We need your help!!! Become a Charter Member today and we'll give you three months free. Purchase a Charter Membership today and you'll be a Charter Member until September 2019 :-*

We are working on new things for Charter Members all the time. Once your a Charter Member, if you have an idea, share it and we'll do our best to make it happen :-*

We hope to see you in the Charter Member only boards soon,
Mike and Laurie Cork

Kats Rule And Bass Drool.Viet Nam Vet