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Chickahominy River

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Mike B.

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Loads of fun this past weekend on the Chickahominy River.  Beautiful Weather and a beautiful River!  This was the first time I have fished the Chick in March and it fished well.  Never had the Big Bite that this river is known for but we did have 30+Fish days.  One of the keys to fishing this river was really good map study and the use of my Navionics Map.  Realizing the first day that the Perch Spawn was going to play a huge role in the Bass bite for the weekend.  Concentrated on submerged wood that stayed wet through the tide cycles and followed that pattern for a successful day on the water.  Also found a few Pre-Spawn fish staging on the river channel edges but these fish proved to be harder to catch on the second day due to a High tide.  Semper Fi and Tight Lines!  <><

Mike Cork

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Awesome intel, thanks for the great report. If you can find the bream spawn, those big girl bass aren't far, just got to find when they get hungry :-*
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Nice haul!! Appreciate the report.  ~c~


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Thanks for the report and some nice looking fish  ;PHO) glad y'all figured them out and stuck it to them.

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