Need some Professional opinions on an RT 188 for sale

Started by CBJ Tortorella, August 10, 2019, 06:40:52 PM

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CBJ Tortorella

so I found this RT 188 on Boat Trader.  1 owner....but sadly gentleman passed away before he ever got to use it per his son.  Says never been in the water.

--24V 70 lb thrust minn kota trolling motor (all 3 batteries are Interstate)
--Hummingbird helex7 on counsel and bow (these are on sale @ Bass Pro right now for $450)
--upgrade to stainless prop
--He states it does have a transferable warranty.

So I've done some research and I'm going to Cabela's in Garner NC tomorrow to compare, they have two 2019 RT188's in stock.

I'd love to hear any feedback from the pro's here on if you feel this is a good deal.....and is it a good enough deal worth driving nearly 500 miles each way to purchase?  Also, what additional questions would you be asking before driving that far to purchase a boat? 


Bud Kennedy

They are asking a reasonable price.  It does have a couple upgrades but if you want to drive all the way to Pell Al to get it that would be up to you.  Good boat at pretty much an average price.  It will become your problem to get the title work in NC  etc etc.   You can come very close to your price at a local Ranger Dealer in North Carolina and they do all the title stuff etc.  If it was me, I would buy local from a servicing dealer. 

Ron Fogelson

With zero hours on it that's a good price if you don't have to pay tax

Here in LA bought in LA or transferring into LA you would have to pay tax as new again.  Add in a thousand mile drive, hotel, food, any issues towing home that 4 or 5 grand savings could end up bing more then if you bought new.

May be wiggle room in it but they may be trying for pay off settling up his estate


I'm not a "pro" but I own a 2016 Ranger RT188 that is nearly identical.  I bought it with 10.5hrs on the motor.  You need to check for yourself about the owner's claim of a "transferable warranty".  There are probably two.  One for the hull and one for the motor.  The hull warranty was so short on mine that even though it was one year old it was not worth the fee to transfer it.  Fortunately the previous owner bought a Platinum Mercury warranty that lasts for just short of eternity.  I DID pay the transfer fee for that but all service must be performed according to Mercury's standards and must be performed by an authorized Mercury service center.  Totally worth it in my opinion. 
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