Lure Wrap Marking

Started by Donald Garner, February 29, 2020, 08:57:12 AM

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Donald Garner


How many of you use a Lure Wrap on your crank baits or other baits.  How do you know whets in side of the Lure Wrap?  I use Lure Wraps on all my crankbaits and jigging spoons. To mark the Lure Wrap I use Blue Painters Tape and Black Magic Marker.  Check out the pictures below.

Lure Wrap with painters tape.  Bait not identified yet

Lure Wraps with Baits Identified

When I change out the bait I just put on new painters tape and remark it.
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Simple yet effective tip Donald, thanks for posting  ~c~
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Great Idea Donald!!! ~c~ ~c~ ~c~
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