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Started by TNDiver, March 04, 2020, 03:24:22 PM

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I decided to make a post with some funny tips, that really aren't helpful. My grandpa was famous for when I hurt my finger one time he wanted to kick me in the shins.  When I asked why, he said your finger won't hurt anymore. 

So if your lure gets stuck, just throw the whole rod in the water.  You won't worry about the lure anymore.

With the time change coming up, remember to reverse the poles on your battery.

Can't stress this enough, always check your blinker fluid!

Release some air from your trailer tires before unloading your boat so it won't float in the water.

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1.  Remember every spring that you need to change the air in your tires from winter air to summer air. 
2.  Don't worry about how fast you're driving.  Speed limit signs are only a suggestion.
3.  When my Daughter was learning to drive, I had to explain to her that the rumble ridges on the outside                the lane was so blind people could drive.  (I know, that's bad)
4.  Next time you need to dig a hole, don't overwork yourself.  Go rent a gas powered, automatic shovel.     
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