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SJHT SALEM CANAL Club Results Sat. 08-22-20

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Place: SALEM CANAL, Pittsgrove, NJ
Date: Sat. August 22, 2020
Time: 6:00am-2:00pm
Weather: Semi cloudy and ovecast at the start.  Comfy 73 degree start warming up to a warm 88 Degrees. This led to blue bird skies.
Water Temps: 75 Degrees up past the Log jam rising up to 80.6 out from the main boat ramp by days end.
Water Clarity: 6 Inches
Wind Gust: 5-10 mph
Best Lure:  N/A
Depths fished: 3'~5'
Limit: 3 Bass 

Round 9 of the SJHT 2020 Season brings us to SALEM CANAL  where there had been a reported fish kill in the days before this event.  While some members caught Bass most were skunked and didn't even get a bite.....including myself.


Saturday, SJHT had 15 members come out to do battle on our 9th official tournament of the 2020 season. A Grind doesn't even begin to explain how TOUGH it was to get any bites. 
Without further adieu, please give a big congrats to 1st place and Lunker winner Brian *No Stress Test for Me* McCulley  for weighing in 2 Bass going 6.64lbs. Brian's Lunker went a decent 3.84lbs.    Dennis *Jiggen Den* Tolentino took 2nd Place for the 2nd week in a row with 3 Bass going 5.60lbs.   3rd Place was won by Bill *The Hammer* Leach  with 2 Bass going 4.67lbs.

Miscelleneous was won by Dennis *I catch SnakeHeads Too* Tolentino  with a ENORMOUS 8.82lb Snake Head.


Brian's 1st Place and Lunker Bag:

Jiggen Den's 2nd Place:

8.82lbs SnakeHead

Bill L. 3rd Place:

Dennis *Jiggen Den* T. Miscelleneous Winner 8.82lb SnakeHead:

Other Anglers Bags of Bass:

Bryson S. 2 Keepers:

John P. 2 Keepers:

Other notable things on the Canal after flooding over 10 Days ago.
Partially submerged Gas\Fuel Container

Old Rt. 40 Boat launch:

Fallen tree near old ramp...

Hanging power lines near Dupont Rt. 130 over pass

Summary:  SALEM CANAL was a grind. Water clarity was very poor with less than 6 inches visability.   Alot of Snakeheads and Carp busting along the shorelines.  The remenants of the previous flooding was still apparent.  Not sure where all the Bass fled to.  For those anglers able to figure them out...Congrats!     

In All, 7 out of 15 SJHT Anglers caught at least 1 Bass.   There were only 13 Bass caught overall. SALEM CANAL Bass gave way to total of 23.12lbs caught overall. This was 17lbs less than the total caught at Carnegie last week.   
The avg. weight came out to be 1.78lbs.   1 Angler caught at least there 3 Bass Limit.  Excellent club turnout on a pretty Blue Bird sunny day.
Congrats to Brian and Jiggen Den your performanaces.

Next up is STONE TAVERN in 1 week.