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TCTC April 11th Caddo tournament

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This Sunday takes us to Caddo out of the Earl G Williams launch in Oil City.  Launch will be at safe light after 6:24am with weigh-in at 3:00pm.  Current weather calls for 56 at launch warming to 81 by weigh-in with winds out of the SE @ 5-10mph. 

Hope to see everyone there!

Mike Cork

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FYI, there hasn't been a true spawn out there... Fish are everywhere, I was catching them on 5-6 foot trees last weekend. Others are catching them on the bank with senkos and whacky rigs. But one day very soon there will be a bunch spawning... Could be ya'lls day to hit it awesome.

Also, everyone make sure you are signed up for the BassCashBash, you could catch a tagged bass worth a boat.
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