Boots the brown fish are chewing in TN

Started by rb-nc, January 19, 2022, 06:27:17 AM

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Robert had a 20lb limit yesterday on the big D


Well we were going to the Expo in Knoxville this Morning on a day trip but Snow in the Forecast there and here, No No No not going to drive the Gorge in snow and ice We did have two boats go up to Douglas and Cherokee  in December and got blown away.  Son I like to sunk the boat water up to the seats.  That was the week end all the bad weather hit Tenn.  Think I'll going to wait till spring to climb Black Mountain and slide thru the Gorge lo lo. Old "Too Tired" and I thinking about doing a week in the East Buggs and the Chowan. Both us want to do the Chowan on more time ;D ;D