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Florida Turkey Hunt Report #2

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I was drawn for a Special Opportunity Hunt on one of the Wildlife Management Areas (WMA) in central Florida. I was more than excited as I have been 3 for 3 over the years on harvesting a turkey. Coming off being sick, I only scouted the WMA for one day. I didn't hear ANY gobbling. I decided to hunt in an area that I have killed two turkeys before as there are always turkeys in the area.

The opening day of the hunt arrived and I was at the check station early. There was one truck in front of me. I followed the truck through the WMA and wouldn't you know it, out of the 16,000 acres they stopped to hunt the same exact spot that I wanted to hunt. I spoke with the 2 guys and confirmed that they were going to "my spot" I tried a plan B but didn't hear or see a thing.

A friend of mine told me where they have been seeing two gobblers every day so I planned on hunting the area in hopes of seeing or hearing one. I got to my spot early on day 2 and didn't hear or see a thing. I moved around a little and as I was walking back to the truck, there were 2 guys sitting in the blind that I hunted out of earlier that morning. I talked with the guys and mentioned to them my problem of not being able to get away from people even though I was miles from the truck. They assured me that they wouldn't be back.

I hunted the 2 ghost gobblers for the rest of the hunt and each day didn't see or hear a thing.

I'm now 3 for 4 for having a successful hunt on this particular WMA.

Looking back, I shouldn't have got locked into the 2 gobblers that my friend saw repeatedly in my hunting area. I should have moved and found a more vocal turkey or one receptive to my calls.

And now, back to my first love....bass fishing!