today's catch

Started by coldfront, October 08, 2022, 09:26:52 PM

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started out 'on the spot' before the sun was up.  slipped out of the dock cove with barely a wake as I idled across...  clear, cold morning as air temps were just at 50°F.  very light breeze that put a small chop on the water.  Water temps had cooled down to 67°F

tossed the topwater walking bait.  absolutely no surface activity so I went to plan B:  deep diving rapala shadow rap jerkbait...  and it was game on.  enjoyed constant action  as I fancast about the boat.  most fish came over a depth transition and ranged in size from a pound up to one that may have pushed a bit over 3.

very long fish.  but solid ... just short of 20 inches...