2023 ranger trim issue

Started by Markus68, July 02, 2023, 05:45:54 PM

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I just purchased a brand new 2023 rt 178 ranger with a 75hp mercury..I took it out first day trim motor won't go up under load (no issue in driveway ). Brought it right back to dealer and they just replaced the entire trim motor assembly.  Took it out today and still has same issue.  I checked fluids and again works fine when not under load..Hate to bring it back again...If anyone has any ideas feel free to chime in..
Thankyou in advance

Mike Cork

That is odd for sure. Not likely to get two bad brand new trim motors on the same boat? However there isn't much else that could cause the problem when you are talking under-load issues. Something bypassing internally on the trim unit is the most likely cause.

That said, maybe it's something heat related with the electronic part of it. Say the trim switches. Maybe a bad trim switch that only malfunctions after it gets hot, either because of being on the side of the engine or being cycled. Not sure how to test it? You could get a set of ears and run the motor in the driveway and see if you can duplicate the problem.

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Bud Kennedy

Very unusual.  Have you tried all three trim switches to see if all three do the same thing?  You may find that the bow panel is on a separate circuit and may work when the throttle trim switch and the motor trim switch will not.  If you find the bow panel switch working then I would suggest checking out the fuse in the motor that operates that circuit.  I had that situation with my very old Ranger and once I replace the 1AG fuse on the motor the problem was solved.  Might not be the issue but it is a simple thing to just check out before you head back to the shop yet again.  I know this must be frustrating.


thank you guys,,,I'm going to check both those ideas