Started by Wizard, September 09, 2023, 07:12:09 PM

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I wrote this as a long post and it disappeared while saving it. So, the short version.

We had damage to our basement while I was in a coma and my wife under distress of a terrible infection. She signed contracts with a restoration company without her having knowledge of construction or pricing. Most of the damage was covered by insurance. The work started just as I returned home from a rehab hospital. My mind was still cloudy as some of you recognized from my postings. The restoration, which should have been weeks, stretched to over 18 months,
As I improved and read the contracts, I realized we were being cheated. I had asked for an itemized listing of contents which were ruined and gotten rid of. I found the company had not kept an accounting. I started an inventory to see what was missing.
What I found missing: 170 bottles of wine, solid oak family room furniture, dining room furniture for 10, Le Crusset cook wear, on and on including a NASA ASTRONAUT FLIGHT JACKET AND A PRESIDENTIAL JACKET FROM AIR FORCE ONE. I've been taken and I'm pissed. Now, how to prove it.
Under Missouri law, you need a listing to identify that things were taken. It appeared we were screwed. During this time, I saw a company manager holding one of my weapons which had been in an upstairs bedroom. My weapons are kept loaded. Now pissed, I took the weapon from him and urged him to leave my home...NOW!
To end this, I'll say this company took tens of thousands of dollars through stealing, outrageous contracts and still hadn't completed the contracts while ALSO getting the insurance money. They are chartered in Missouri, ILLINOIS and FLORIDA.
If you live in these states, send a PM and I will give you the company's name.

With Missouri of no help, I called in an IOU from a retired Federal judge. The Feds are looking at the company under Elder Abuse laws and because it is an interstate company, potentially under RICO. There is little chance of recovering funds. I have had the jackets returned to me by a former company worker and I said I would not sue or prosecute him.



Holy crap  ~rant 
Man I hope you get to watch these jokers get thrown in a cell.

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Mal, just point me in the direction. If you think I'm kidding, just try me.

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Personally, I think you should take them fishing, way, way out in the swamps. Just be careful, because accidents do happen, and sometimes there just isn't help close enough to arrive in time if the worst were to occur.

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Elderly are the biggest demographic targeted by bad actors of all kinds. It makes me sick.

They obviously didn't know who they were messing with this time though!

I'll second what everyone has said so far.

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big g

I am pissed off just reading this.  Scumbags are a common occurrence in construction. I just hope they get their just reward! ~rant
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My wife is a public health nurse for adult protective services.  The stories she can't tell me, I see it on her face.

I hope the judge hangs those fools.

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I don't want the feds to find other people they have screwed, but on the other hand if they do it will give them cause to tear them bit to bit and force them out and pay heavy fines...

Sorry you've had to deal with this, great news on the jackets.

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We know what Karma is.
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Feel you. It hits in your personal space when someone pulls shit off from your own house... I used to have very good neighbors, that were brothers, both were at my house. We were playing in the living room or whatever, one of them went into the kitchen to get some water or something, turns out he stole an envelope with money that my parents had left to pay for something. Obviously we never spoke again -_-
Defend your property and stuff from these scumbags.
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Thanks, Flavio. I checked you out. You're good. I am mostly friendly in later life. If I hadn't been coming home from a coma and mind screwed, this wouldn't have happened to us. Being in a coma degrades both mind and body quickly.


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Wiz, real sorry this happen to ya.  Glad to hear that the jackets got returned. 

I'm a firm believer in Karma  ;)

Keep us updated when possible on this situation.
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Wizard, I hope you get to teach these crooks what Karma is, a bit of justice is defiantly called for. This is becoming all together a bigger problem what with all the stupid laws being passed now.
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