Started by Oldfart9999, October 03, 2023, 06:04:28 AM

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Freedom, not being stuck at home, it's over, I'm able to get out into the world and do what an oldfart does.
Yesterday I had my 6 week checkup from my hip replacement, it was great, I'm cleared to drive and my precautions have been cancelled. The precautions for a hip replacement are; 1. Do not cross your legs. 2. Do not bend past 90 degrees. 3. Do not turn the leg very much. Right after the surgery, if you do any of these things you very likely will dislocate the joint, that means taking the joint out and putting it back where it belongs, results; up to a year in a cast. I will still be conscious of them and there won't be any sudden moves for quite a while.
It feels good to be back driving and able to go places while my wife is working.
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Glad to hear you're on the mend and can get out some. That has to be a huge relief. Sounds like some painful stuff!

Donald Garner

 Rodney, that's great news tks for sharing that with us.  I guess you'll be spending the day out and about raising cane  lo

You have a GREAT DAY back out on the road.  Glad that your recovery has went well for ya  ~shade
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Great news Rodney!

Still time to get out and catch some fish before old man winter comes to visit.

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That's awesome news Rodney :toot: My mother had hip surgery on both sides. Right went great but the other side (I think she got cocky about it because the first one went so well) popped out 3 times and she had to have a part of it replaced again. She's doing well now..

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