MLF Bass Pro Tour 2024 Roster and Schedule

Started by Mike Cork, November 17, 2023, 11:18:11 AM

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Mike Cork

Check out the lead article on Ultimate Bass Front Page to see if your favorite angler will be fishing in Major League Fishings Bass Pro Tour this coming year. Many rookies added to the list as well  ~c~  ~c~

Also, what do you think about the schedule...

Heavy Hitters is going to be in Florida in May? All you Florida boys and girls, does that seem right? Outside looking in, it seems a little late to catch the giants Florida has to offer?

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Rumor has it that there may be some more changes to the roster in the near future. Who knows how it will end up.

May in Florida on the Kissimmee Chain. I think that it will be a great time of year. It seems like the tours come to Florida too early in the year. Let's see if our Kissimmee Chain expert FD will weigh in.