Bass or panfish fishing in Willamette valley, OR?

Started by Anatoliy, December 16, 2006, 12:51:14 AM

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Hi guys,

I'm a new fish in a new pond. Can someone recommend a hot spot for bass or panfish fishing in Willamette valley, OR?

Any information would be very appreciated (as to what should I fish with and how should I do it :D) as I'm not just from another state or country but from another continent. :D

Thanks in advance.


Welcome Aboard Anatoliy  we are glad you have decided to become a member at Ultimate Bass.....I see you are looking for have come to the right place....Ultimate Bass has tons of info and great members who don't mind sharing with you.....if you need help finding anything or have questions about the site just let me know...I look forward to chatting with you and reading some of your fishing reports right here in the Oregon State fishing reports. once again welcome..... and enjoy........ try this link



The Willamate River is a prime spot. Lots of Smallies and some panfish to boot. I mainly fish the Columbia and several lakes here in Oregon though. Send me pm and maybe we can hook up. If I ever get some tiime off that is. :)
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Anatoliy hello and welcome aboard and you and  teamsimper  be sure to enter the 50 in 50 contest for your state too  ;)


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Thanks for info. I tried to fish for bass at the Willamette river the other day. Didn't catch anything but I saw a beaver.
More pictures in my fishing photo report.