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Started by MotherNature, December 21, 2006, 04:51:47 AM

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Legend Boats Factory
6843 Hwy 126 N, Suite #1
Midway, Ar 72651

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Office : 1-(870)-481-6750
Toll Free : 1-888-657-5051
E-mail : [Please enable JavaScript to see this content]

Louisiana Sales Rep
Cindy Van Horn
Cell: 1(870)405-7030
E-mail: [Please enable JavaScript to see this content]

Nation Warranty Manager
Australia Sales Rep
Deryl Janzen
Cell : 1-(409)-383-3192
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legend in my mind

I have been an avid believer in the Stratos Bass Boats.  But I just for giggles started looking at other Boat specs.  It seems that the Legend 211 Alpha is heads above the rest on hull design.  I have only seen the boats online because I live in Connecticut.  What can you tell me about speed, handling, and rough water agility.

I am looking to get a new boat in the spring, and I have been under alot of pressure to upgrade my 285 pro XL Stratos ( larry nixon edition ) to a 201 XL.  I just really like what I see in the specs for the 211.  Can the boat be fitted with a 250 e-tec ho?



Ron Fogelson

Yes Dave you can hang a E-Tec of the back of a 211.  Legend is a completely custom boat made at an off the shelf price and you can put about whatever you want on it.  Get most any paint design you can think of, have the carpet set up the way you want and the seats to match or go all out and have them custom as well.

I'm in a 2004 Nitro 929 but it is only a matter of time before I have my own Legend.  After ridding in Mike Nobles LE21 last year and going to the factory to pick up his new 211 this year I'm sold that it is the best ridding boat around.

It may not be the fastest boat on the market but you can't go running 80 plus in ruff water in those light hull boats anyway,,,, but in a legend you can run 70's without getting wet or beat to hell and back.   :)


Amen!! Fogy!!  I ran 70 in 2 footers with a 20mph wind the otherday and not a drop of spray on me and I could drive it 1 handed!

Kody Bradbury

Hey legend,

If I can be of any assistance please to not hesitate to call or shoot me an email.  Next time I get up that way I'll give you a shout and maybe we can get together for a ride (if the water's soft!).

Thanks for your interest in Legend Boats!

legend in my mind

I dont know if anyone noticed, but besides for the eye-candy appearance of the boat and trailer it also has a hull weight that is on average 250lbs less than all the competition.  With the dual gas tanks it will also allow you to lessen the load by just filling the 30 gallon main tank and leaving the 25 gallon reserve empty.  Saving about 200 extra pounds, and as a conclusion if you have a single council you save in total about 500 pounds.  Considering the extra milage you will get along with the speed increase it sounds like an unbelieveable package.

Although, I have yet to buy a Legend, I soon will...

Mike Cork

You have definitely done your home work on this, once you get into a Legend you will not be sorry. Everything about the Legend Boat is amazing ~c~

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Ray L.

There is a very good story on the Alpha 211 in Bass West USA Mag. Might be worth your time to read. It goes very in depth on the new flagship boat for Legend.


I got my alpha 199 in nov and can not say enough about them. when you tell people what is standard equipment and the ride, speed and comfort of fishing out of one they don't belive it.......but it true.......I drove a total of 600 miles to get mine because we didnt have any boats near us...was a nice trip and loved the looks the boat got on the way home......Dennis


Congrats den720! We'd love to see some pics!

Eddie Alpha211

If anyone needs a quote or info on Legend I am the Louisiana Legend Dealer. 2009 Alpha 211DCX/Merc 250 ProXS available now for test drives. My dealership is located between Ferriday and Vidalia, LA....2 miles west of Vidalia. 5 minutes from Lake Concordia. Ordered a 'sold boat' last week. Alpha 199/Merc 225 ProXS. It will be close by as well in about weeks. If you need info on the area lakes..Concordia, St. John, Bruin, the Old Rivers, Black River/Horseshoe Lake Complex, The 4-Rivers (Ouchita, Tensas, Black and Little Rivers) The Natchez State Park, Okhissa Lake or any water near here just ask.

Eddie's Marine & Tackle
4550 Hwy. 84 West
Vidalia, LA 71373

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Weekly Fishing/Boating Columns in the Natchez (MS)Democrat www.natchezdemocrat.com and the Concordia Sentinel

Thursdays and Fridays "Fishing with Eddie" on 95.1 FM (100,000 watts, 100 mile radius) Lake Reports and more

Eddie Alpha 211


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Size Matters ~roflmao ~gf

Ray L.


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