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Started by AJ, January 12, 2007, 06:44:05 AM

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when i was just a young whippersnapper i used to have a rubber ball with a eye in it.  I was abouut 3/4 of a in round maybe a little bit bigger.  The purpose of it, or at least what we used it for, was a casting practice lure.  bein rubber it didnt hurt as bad when ya missed and "accidently" hit the dog  lol  does anyone have these or know where to get them???

Ron Fogelson

Never seen the ball your talking of, however I have seen different rubber casting weights but in the shape of a large catfish bell sinker.


I have seen the hard rubber casting plugs that fogy mentioned, but have never seen the "ball" type.  I imagine it wouldn't be hard to make one though, with a drill and a clamp.
Don't hold it with your hand though or you might have a hole through it.

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Buy a kid's paddle-ball and use that one :-*!


Wal-Mart has them. They are called Practice Plugs or Practice Weights. They come in a 2 pack for a couple of bucks.
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Check the vending machines in the front of Wally World. Get some of the super balls for a quarter apiece. Screw small eye screws in them and cast away.
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