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Dworshak trip

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Just spent two and 1/2 days on Dworshak (May 14/15/16th) Put in at Dent and went upstream to fish. Did well on small Senco worms and chartruse spinner baits. Caught the first Bull Trout of my life. Thankfully my fishing partner realized immediately what it was so didn't even get to take a picture of it. (No camera on board  :( ) Measured about 21 inches, nice fight and I didn't even bring it out of the water. Used pliers to release it and had a ball with it. Probably only boated about 40 Bass over 12 inches and none over 17 inches. Hens mostly and they looked ready to hit the flats as they looked to be full of eggs. Picked up one 16 inch Smallmouth with IDFG tags in it.Over all great trip.Oh yea thanks to all of those that recommended the P-Line in the silver box. P-Line CX Premium works great in my opinion. Water was 63 degrees and came up about three inches while I was there.


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Above Dworshak..tossing dark green senkos off that rock pile in the back ground...that slope drops down 50 ft about 6 ft into the water according to electronics..lots of smallies suspended there

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