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Mike Cork

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I have noticed lately that everytime I log on we have several guest viewers. You are obviously someone who for what ever reason hasn't become a member and logged onto the system. I know you might be worried about your e-mail getting spammed but that just wont happen here---you can keep it confidential so that only the administrator can see it and if she spams you, you let me know >:( On that note we might send an email to you to let you know about system outages or special deals we want all of our members to know about but that hasn't happened yet as this is a message board and we can just post the info on it and be just as effective.

Just wanted to post a couple things to let the you know what you are missing by not becoming a member and logging in.

First, the user friendliness of the board. If you are signed in the board will tell you if there are new posts to categories and where those new post are, that way you don't have to surf each topic to find the new info the board automatically tells you.

Second, we have several members that monitor the board for us and will answer any question you post on the message board. We have some really great fisherman that will gladly answer any question you have and will more than likely give you very specific information about how to catch bass on any one of the lakes listed in the board. And usually you will get replies with in 1 hour. There may be times when no one has any current info to give and instead of leading you astray they may elect not to post, but that rarely happens.

Third, if you are logged in you can private message between members of the board. This is a great way to talk to or leave messages. So get your buddies to become members also and you will have a message system you can use between you.

Forth, we would love to hear about your fishing trips good or bad. Even a bad report is a good thing to someone who is trying to figure out where to go the up and comming weekend.

Just some ideas as to why you should sign up and become a member. We want you here and we want you to enjoy the full benefits of this message board. We went threw several pain staking months to come up with a board that everyone would enjoy, so use it to the fullest and as a guest you just cant to that. You have my promise that we will not sell or give your information away, it will be kept as confidential as you want it to, like I said you can elect to hide it from everyone when you join. So become a member and enjoy, I for one would love to hear your fishing reports good or bad.

Oh and by the way, even though the name of the site is Ultimate Bass, this site is dedicated to fishing, any type of fishing - stories, experiences, tips, techniques - are more than welcome and encouraged. There is so much information to learn and many things used for different species will help out all anglers. So join us in sharing what we have learned.

I will get off my soap box and will sit patiently waiting to hear from you. If you have any questions or have reservations that I might be able to fix email me.


Get the Net it's a Hawg
Mike Cork
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