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The days are slipping sway..................

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There are only three days left to get your order in for the Lake Guerrero trip Nov. 28 - Dec 2. Folks, I'm here to tell you that a better deal on a trip like this you won't find. For a mere 50.00 order of the best hand poured lures on the market (my opinion), or anything in the El Grande Store for that matter, you will be placed in the drawing on Sept 1 for this trip. Now we are also giving away a Kistler Rod valued at $239.00. For a 25.00 - 49.00 order your name will be put in the pot for that. As for the trip, the only thing you would be required to do is get from where ever you are to Harlingen, TX airport on Nov.28th and back home on Dec 2. After that everything is paid for. Food, boat, guide, drinks, bed, laundry if you need it. It's all included. This is going to be a trip of a lifetime for me. YOU might be the one that get's to join us, but not if we don't receive your order by 5:00 pm August 30th. If you don't win the trip, your name will be thrown in for those for the rod, so it's still a great deal. If you have been thinking about this, or wondering what it would be like got to www.basstrophylodge.com and see where we will be. There will be a lot of fish caught over the days we are there and we would love to have you come along. This trip is valued at over $1200.00 and could be your's for the $50.00 order and a plane ticket, or drive if you are in TX close to Harlingen, so get your order in today!!!!!!!  ~cf
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