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El Grande 3" Swimbait review

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Managed to get on the water yesterday and decided to give the new 3" swimbaits a try. Hooked on a 1/4 oz jig head I managed to produce two fish in the 4 lb range. I found that a slower retrieve will afford better tail action and as usual you can vary the depth by raising and lowering the rod. The hits I got on these lures was not the subtle hints of a strike. They were hard and violent. Even the dink I caught hit it hard. Didn't have to worry about setting the hook as the fish did it for me. Color was the white/Chartreuse. I was able to get all three fish on one lure as they seem to be very durable. I was fishing around some very heavy cover and didn't have a single tear from the brush. I was in 4 - 6 feet of water, with the temp around 75 degrees. Both keeper fish came in the afternoon around 4 pm. Keep up the good work, Jay! IMO you've got another winner here.
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