my first custom made plugs

Started by 7smitty14, January 05, 2010, 10:29:50 PM

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here are a few shots of my first custom made plugs. i have tried the frog out in the water and it has great action . very smiliar to a zip n sam. these were hand painted with a paint brush and then i sprayed clear on. i dont think i did to bad.

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It looks good to me, I am sure it will catch plenty of bass  ~c~

Did you build this from scratch?
What materials did you use?

Please share more details, we all need something to help us with Cabin Fever  ;D
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i ordered some wood blocks off ebay and i got the hooks at walmart and the eye rings you can get at hardware stores. i got the paint from non other than walmart


Looking good, a whole lot better than my first baits.


thanks. i will be posting more photos of other ones once i have finished

Dunham Fisher

Absolutely nothin' wrong with those.  Keep it up!


Excellent work! It would be great to see how you take a block of wood and make it into something like that. :-* That one looks like a Bass killer too. ;D