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Santa Rosa Tournament

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Don Speas

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The 2nd point tournament for the 5280 Team Series is coming up at Santa Rosa, NM on May 1st.  Pre-fish is on Friday April 30th with Sunday the 2nd of May as a "Fun Day Of Fishing".  The lake has some great crappie and walleye, or if some of the Teams want to through a couple of bucks in a Jack-Pot that's fine.

The entry form and "Fact Sheet" is on the web site now.  The Adobe Inn Best Western is the host hotel, you can make reservations at 575-472-3446.


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Congrats, Lance and Scott on the win at Santa Rosa.  And to Stan and Mike for about as close a second as possible.  These two teams, in a first for the 5280 Team Series, actually tied for first with 11.42.  Had to be decided by a big bass tie-breaker. 

10 teams had limits and depending on who found what it was either a great day with much culling, or a slow day for five bites.  At least we had a decent weather day.  Blowing much on Friday pre-fish, not much on Saturday tournament, and blowing again on Sunday for those who stayed to fish for the monster crappie.

See you at Navaho!


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The team of Johnson/Tillotson takes the regular pot, the High Stakes Pot, and the Big Bass Prize at Santa Rosa.  Flipping heavy cover with Berkley Chigger Craws, they had their limit by 7:45 am and culled at least 13 times throughout the day.

The Fenwick Big Bass Prize of two Fenwick rods goes the Team Johnson/Tillotson with a Big Bass of 3.66.
The Trokar High Stakes Prize of a $100 Trokar Gift Certificate goes to Johnson/Tillotson with a 1st place finish.
The Eagle Claw Store $25 Gift Certificate for the first team out of the money goes to the team of Sneith/Rich.
Eagle Claw/Trokar provided door prizes for all participants of Trokar knives and Trokar Hats.  The Skeet Reese rod drawing was won by Lauck/Mostacciuolo.
Berkley Powerbait/Gulp provided sample soft plastics and spools of Trilene 100% Flourocarbon for all.
The Calibre Boat Repair $100 Certificate drawing was won by team Rom/Schlepp.

1. Scott Johnson/Lance Tillotson, 5, 11.42  BB 3.66
2. Stan Massey/Mike Barbo, 5, 11.42  BB 2.75
3. Ed Campbell/Tom Lever, 5, 10.76
4. Travis Sneith/Tyler Rich, 5, 10.45
5. Jeff Jones/Dustin Jones, 5, 9.98
6. Justin Rehfeld/John Merezko, 5, 9.96
7. Sean Lauck/Kevin Mostacciuolo, 5, 8.92
8. Don Speas/Curtis Welch, 5, 8.80
9. Ryan McCullough/Mike Chaney, 5, 8.68
10. Matt Massey/Scott Tracey, 5, 7.42
11. Mike Apostolides/Jon Webb, 1, 2.45
12. Danny Bender/Austin Thron, 1, 2.39
13. Steve Ehrman/Chet Mostue, 1, 2.23
14. John Rom/Brad Schlepp, 0, .00

High Stakes:
1. Johnson/Tillotson
2. Massey/Barbo
3. Campbell/Lever

Big Bass:
Johnson/Tillotson, 3.66


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Nice work guys!  ~c~ ~c~

Are there any other stories to go along with this tournament? Dock-talk? Dinner-talk? (Where did ya'll eat??)  ~beer~

Fill us in guys!  ~shade
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We pre fished Friday in the gale force winds because my partner and I had never been there before. Couldn't figure out the dirty water bite so we stayed in the clear water on tournament day. Very calm considering the day before. Had a limit by 10:30 and started loooking for a kicker but no love. Caught close to 20 crappie and a couple of tank walleye's but no kicker. Great lake, looking forward to fishing it again.
At ate a Mexican restraurant that had only a two beer max. Probably a good thing!