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Started by whitmanr, February 13, 2011, 07:14:26 AM

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Got my boat back yesterday.  Dropped it off Friday morning and got it back on Sat.  Great service, quick, very nice people and from what I can tell very nice work on the installation.  Power Pole looks great...my wife thinks its ugly because its "white" and doesn't match the boat, I do agree that it doesn't match the boat and "black" would have matched better but "UGLY".....well we will just see if she gets in it again. ;D
Ronald Whitman
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That's awesome Ron! I agree black would look a little better, but I'm not going to complain. I had a flatbed drop my boat off yesterday due to my trailer being a POS a leaving me on the side of I-10 ~xyz. So while they are putting the powerpole on they will be fixing my trailer and doing the 100hr service as well as a couple other things. Hopefully I'll have my boat back for saturdays tournament although thats not likely. Maybe driving to the Classic instead lol.


Ryan that stinks about the trailer.  I was hoping that you had that one fixed.  You know there are plenty of boaters out there for this weekend, no need to miss this one.  Reports are sounding very good and looks like the weather will be nice also...But who can argue with going to the classic.  I'm sure which ever you choose you will have a blast.  Talk to you later
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If you dont like the color power pole makes wraps for them checkem out


,....or give it to me, it would look great on the back of my Triton,....   ;D  ~roflmao
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I like it just fine...not sure about the wraps...they were a little expensive just for a cover ($99).  White will be just fine on the back of the boat.  Plus hoping we get to put it to use this weekend with the weather warming up...they should start to move up on the beds soon.  Later Ron
Ronald Whitman
Niceville FL 32578


White or Black - doesn't affect how it works and trust me you'll love it. And you couldn't beat the price.