March Tournament Results

Started by BMiles, March 20, 2011, 12:28:07 PM

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Final tournament results and standings are now posted on our web


1st Place:  Michael Smith  5 fish at 16 lbs and big fish at 8.78 lbs
2nd Place:  Clint Paul  5 fish at 13.84 lbs and a lunker at 7.68 lbs
3rd Place:  Shawn Odor  5 fish at 9.46 lbs and a lunker at 4.38 lbs

We had 38 anglers weigh in 106 fish for a total of 161.13 lbs.  There were 13 5-fish limits weighed in.

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Nice job guys.  Congrats to all the top finishers!! ~c~
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Very nice fish everyone!  Congrats to the winners.  One fish over 8 and one over 7 weighed in, very cool indeed.

Now, how do I find the club chat forum in this here UB site to get in on the chats I have been missing?

And is there a venue to help me purchase a Humminbird SI unit taking advantage of the Federation Membership or someones boat purchase affiliation?  I hear that Lowrance units are the brand the FL Fed has the deal a novice navigate!



Congrats Guys!   ~c~  Sure wish I could have found some myself ~b~
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Craig, I am not aware of any live chats for our group.  I would be suprised...hard enough to get our guys on here as it is.


Roy thats because they are scared of you :P  You wont let them send mass e-mails and keep telling them to use the web site forum but then what do you do....send out a mass e-mail about some carpet logos and stuff...what gives :)

See how much fun these can be...Love ya Roy!!!
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