Well I did it.... jumped in head first into soft plastic pouring.

Started by Aiken_BassMaster, June 16, 2011, 01:19:51 PM

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I have wanted to pour my own soft plastics for years, I have been a lurker to this forum and Tackle Underground for a few years now and with the cost of plastics going up around here ($6.75 for 10 knock off sticks) I have decided that now is the time.

I just ordered a bunch of coloring, glitter, and plastic. I picked up 2 stick molds, a frog, 6" lizzard, and fluke. I know they are not the best molds but I bought the sided plastic molds from LureCraft since they were on sale and had a 10% discount on the them. I bought the glitter, coloring and plastic from ispikeit. I am going to head to walmart in a few minutes and pick up a presto 6qt fryer and modify it for pouring.

Once I get the hang of this I may pick up some injection molds from bears and an injector or 2.

So am I insane for ordering non aluminum molds or smart for keeping my initial cost down?


I would say just go with the micro and the pyrex cup to start pots are great if ur goin to heat several cups of one color and pour alot. Normally if im not goin to do atleast 200+ baits in one color I just cup it.
I started out with a small set up from jannes craft a couple years ago. Now ive got several K just in molds.
Welcome to the addiction! :'(


i used the micro and pyrex cups. i do have injectors and use them, but my favorite bait right now is my swimbait. its a 9 dollar mold from lurecraft. so i think you will be just fine. i made some crappy looking lures when i started lol but i did catch fish on them. i cut up some swimbaits and frogs to make a buzzfrog and made a mold out of plaster of paris. that was the uglies most non buzzing buzzfrog EVER!!! but i did get some crazy blow ups on it and caught several bass. just make sure you post some pics after you start pouring. you mentioned order stuff from bear. make sure you check out the forum as well. lots of good infor there. bassboat central has a bait making section as well.

Dunham Fisher

You chose just fine.  You'll get thousands of good pours from Lurecraft molds, and they're fine people to work with.  Good luck and don't forget to post pictures.


Thanks for posting, I am trying to get into making my own soft plastics too.  I am going to try to billet my own moulds from a couple of blocks of aluminum when I get back from depolyment.  Would love to see your results.

You can't catch them on the couch!!


Lurecraft and Bear are good sources.
Pyrex is the way to go as mentioned for fewer that 20 baits. I've made far too many
of one style only to see them clutter my work shop, unused.

Silicone molds in some styles are fine but for other styles, injection is the way to go -
they truly produce baits that look store bought.

Have fun!

FrankM (pm me if you need glitter).


I think thier Senko molds are great, and you will get a lot of use out of the aluminum one, even if it is 104 bucks.  You can use Senkos anywhere.

You can't catch them on the couch!!