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Started by BassAnglerMagazine, June 13, 2012, 12:57:16 AM

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Knowing that sunny days and warmer water quickly add up to some hot summer action for fishermen, Bass Angler Magazine (BAM) has put together a can't miss issue for the season. Readers will find the pages crammed full of summer specifics for locating and catching more fish, increasing confidence and targeting smallies.

Summer 2012 (Vol. 21 Issue #3) will travel with fishermen to Table Rock, Guntersville and Osoyo in British Columbia, it will give an insider's look at the lifestyles of the "West's Leading Money Winner "Gary Dobyns, B.A.S.S. pro Kurt Dove and one of bass fishing's most notable industry TV hosts Mark Zona.

It includes a lesson in lures from 2003 Bassmaster Classic champion Mike Iaconelli, Bassmaster Elite pro Mark Menendez leaps into ledge fishing and 2004 Rapala Angler of the Year Bernie Shultz gives the facts on flippin'.

The bass fishing fun, knowledge and experience doesn't stop there. BAM goes behind the scenes in swimbait building, the Bass Rankings system and angler marketing as well as delving into the science of a bass, the sun shade barrier, innovative hook uses, the true differences in lens colors, boat contingency programs, finesse tubes, jointed swimbaits, night fishing, reducing fishing waste, keratosis and the thermocline.

Complete with QR codes and corresponding videos, this issue as all of the BAM releases are jam-packed with the inside story covering hot topics, new products and trending techniques. If you want the lowdown on what's going on in bass fishing – BAM is your one-stop shop.

With a smokin' subscription special for $19.95 that includes this summer's issue, everyone can afford to get hooked on the must-have tool for bass anglers of all levels. Bass Angler Magazine – don't fish without it.

More information on this issue of BAM can be found at
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If you have not had to opportunity to look at one of these magazines you are missing out! BAM is one of our partners for a reason, we truly believe in their product. The magazine isn't so slam packed full of ads that you can't find the articles. They have quality information and it is easy to read and it by card out weights the ads that in the mag.

Mark is a top rated editor and he takes great pride in putting out a product that is head and shoulder above the rest and it is beyond quality.

Take a minute to check out their site where you can find additional info on the magazine and how to get your subscription and read through some additional info that he adds to his site regularly to supliment what he publishes in the magazine.

You can't go wrong for $19.95



I have their app on my phone and frequently read it. Awesome magazine.
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