Your Favorite Lake in Florida

Started by Swede, November 27, 2006, 06:12:15 PM

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Lake Seminole
Seminole Lodge, Sneads, FL
1-800-410-5209 (ask for Monte)
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Orange Lake (Cross Creek)
Family Tradition Fish Camp & Airboat Tours
14430 east county road 325
Hawthorn,Fl. 32640
phone# 352-466-7061
E-Mail- [Please enable JavaScript to see this content]
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Lake Toho

Big Toho Marina
100 Lakeshore Blvd.
Kissimmee, FL. 32808

(407) 846-2124


Lake Tarpon

Tarpon Tom's
36717 U.S. 19
Palm Harbor, Fl 34684



Lake Tarpon

Tarpon Tom's
36717 U.S. 19
Palm Harbor, Fl 34684



Ansin Garcia. No Marina's or anything just the best little lake in Florida.
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Ditto what kevfish and nowsker said  ~c~ ~c~


mine is lake henderson in invreness,fl...lots of big bass and low fishing pressure well imean low pressure from the bass guides..
check out the link



I am not quite sure I have a SINGLE favorite.

SO... here are my two favorites:

Lake Tarpon
Eagle Lake,+Fl&ie=UTF8&z=13&ll=28.000767,-81.772785&spn=0.109583,0.21595&om=1

I have fished the lakes an approximate 50 times TOTAL with Tarpon being fished slightly more often.

Tip: the NE corner at Lake Tarpon near the boat docks and deeper hydrilla hold many, many, many schoolie bass :D

Mike A!
Land O Lakes, FL
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Kingsley Lake.  Learned alot about drop shot and night fishing there.

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How does Lake Watauga up here in TN sound?   Melissa's old man and I are going out tomorrow for some large mouth and rainbows.   The Walleyegators should be running up to the rivers as well soon to spawn.   Hope all is well!@!@!



Ditto what AB said, Toho is my favorite as well!
Lakeland, Florida

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The mean   St. Johns River =]]..

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I grew up on the Harris chain and it will always be KING in my book.  Seminole in the north is a great lake also in the spring.



I have 2 favorites:

Crooked Lake and Kissimmee! I catch more numbers at Crooked and bigger fish at Kissimmee!  ~gf

George Welcome

Any lake as long as it is my back yard.

Stick Marsh, Ansin, Blue Cypress, and Kenansville just to name a few.
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Tom G

   Lake Harris Chain. I`m new to this site and live on Lake Harris in Yalaha.  I fish about 5 times a week (weather permitting). I gladly share info with any one fishing the lakes. Tom G.


My favorite lake in Florida is Lake Monkey Business.  ::)  I don't catch the biggest fish there or the most fish, but it is in my subdivision here in Tallahassee and I can be fishing within fifteen minutes of pulling out of my driveway.


Rodman has made the top 10 in the USA for Big  ~fff Bass lakes a couple of times in BM   ~read Mag

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Lake Okeechobee.  Not because of the bass, but because my granddaughter lives about 30 minutes from there.  If I'm fishing the Big O, it means I'm also visiting my daughter and her family.

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